Daily Crunch

Daily Crunch is a section focused on sharing news about specific companies that impact stock prices or are relevant for long-term fundamentals.

The 'Daily Crunch' is similar to Food for Thought, but more concise, and typically focuses on one subject matter.

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The Last Stand
As bad as this year has been for the stock market, it’s been even worse for the original FAANGs. While the S&P 500 has fallen 11.0% in 2022, FB has slumped 45.3%, AMZN has dropped 13.5%, NFLX has tumbled 65.9%, and GOOGL has fallen 15.8%.
Heading to Nasdaq
Inter has announced a material fact that it is proposing a new model for its corporate reorganization, which failed to happen at the end of 2021. Under the new terms, the core proposal of migrating its shares to Nasdaq remains the same. In addition, local shares should be incorporated under
VTEX Day Feedback
Hi Last week, VTEX hosted its annual meeting that lasted two days. As we decided to follow the company again (did it pre-IPO), we thought it would be of great value to share notes and takeaways. ✨Management was vocal on key messages: scale and innovation✨VTEX is gaining international scale
🇧🇷 Fading Momentum🔻
🇧🇷 Fading Momentum🔻With interest rates potentially starting to point to a stabilization and strong FX appreciation, the environment for risk-taking is marginally improving from what we saw in late 2021. Nevertheless, risks on the macro/political front may still prevent a more pronounced short-ter…
Brazil March Wrap-Up
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PIX vs. Debit Card
Thank you for reading Giro’s Newsletter. This post is public so feel free to share it. Recently, Rogério Panca became the president of the Brazilian Association of Credit Card and Financial Services Companies (“Abecs”), the official representative of the electronic means of payment sector in Brazil…
Mastercard faces complaints
Associations linked to the e-commerce sector sent a letter to Mastercard’s (“MA”) management to complain about the increase in the so-called “interchange fee” charged by the card network. As of April, sellers are expected to have a 0.5% increase in fees for online debit transactions and a 0.
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