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Heading to Nasdaq public
DailyCrunch 4 min read

Heading to Nasdaq

Inter has announced a material fact […
Giro Lino
🇧🇷 Fading Momentum🔻 public
DailyCrunch 4 min read

🇧🇷 Fading Momentum🔻

🇧🇷 Fading Momentum🔻 With interest rates potentially starting to point to a stabilization and strong FX appreciation, the environment for risk-taking…
Giro Lino
FoodForThought 7 min read

Food for Thought #4

Today’s outline * Long-Term vs. Short-Term * Review Estimates * Raising Funding Cost ($STNE) * Change in Regulation ($XP) * The bumpy road ahead…
Giro Lino
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