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STNE 1Q22: Not a Turning Point, Yet public
earnings release 7 min read

STNE 1Q22: Not a Turning Point, Yet

I’ll never forget when I read Mr. Piau’s comment about acquiring the 5% of Banco Inter. My first concern was the funding, so I started asking the street, and Stone was issuing its first bond. I was amazed.…
Giro Lino
Giro Recap #2 public
Giro Recap 7 min read

Giro Recap #2

There are two general uses of clouds. One is what's it's called infrastructure as a service (“IaaS”), which Microsoft is an exceptional player.…
Giro Lino
STNE 1Q22 Earnings Preview public
LatAmCompanies 4 min read

STNE 1Q22 Earnings Preview

With Stone’s earnings approaching, we decided to share our earnings preview for Stone’s 1Q22. Okay, so what you should be looking for in the earnings release?…
Giro Lino
Giro Recap public
DailyCrunch 7 min read

Giro Recap

I write a lot of stuff, so the idea is to offer a filter to what you cannot miss. Enjoy it. The ranking is based on unique views, free/paid new subscribers, and open rate — all relative.…
Giro Lino
Food for Thought #17 public
FoodForThought 10 min read

Food for Thought #17

Since Thursday, the market has been speculating that BTG Pactual and Stone would be negotiating an M&A — actually, BTG Pactual would be the buyer. Stone's gossip began in Dec of 2021 when the company hired JP Morgan to assess strategic options.…
Giro Lino
You Should Know $VTEX public
DailyCrunch 5 min read

You Should Know $VTEX

VTEX is an exciting firm. Even though most investors believe that SaaS companies offer similar products, the architecture they’re built upon plays with an impressive relevance in the product design.…
Giro Lino
FoodForThought 7 min read

Food for Thought #4

Today’s outline * Long-Term vs. Short-Term * Review Estimates * Raising Funding Cost ($STNE) * Change in Regulation ($XP) * The bumpy road ahead…
Giro Lino
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