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DLO - Part I members
$dlo 13 min read

DLO - Part I

Hi. When I first thought of writing about dLocal (“DLO” or “dLocal”), the impression was that it was possible to…
Giro Lino
You Heard This Lie Before public
Mediations 7 min read

You Heard This Lie Before

"Long-term consistency trumps short-term intensity." Bruce Lee This quote embodies what many fail to realize, that being a successful and…
Giro Lino
Modeling Stone - Q' Update members
10 min read

Modeling Stone - Q' Update

Hi. As promised, in this post, I’ll review our quarterly update on Stone, presenting a short overview of key…
Giro Lino
STNE 1Q22: Not a Turning Point, Yet public
earnings release 7 min read

STNE 1Q22: Not a Turning Point, Yet

I’ll never forget when I read Mr. Piau’s comment about acquiring the 5% of Banco Inter. My first concern was the funding, so I started asking the street, and Stone was issuing its first bond. I was amazed.…
Giro Lino
Brazil May Wrap-Up public
Daily Crunch 7 min read

Brazil May Wrap-Up

After a weak performance in April, the Brazilian Stock Exchange (“Ibovespa,” “Ibov”) was back in positive territory in May (up 3.2% in BRL and 7.8% in USD), remaining one of the top-performing equities.…
Giro Lino
Food for Thought #19 public
Food for Thought 8 min read

Food for Thought #19

This week, there was a complete change in investors’ humor. As the S&P 500 rebounded almost 10%, the FinTwit community re-emerged from hiding, with everybody explaining how they nailed the market’s bottom.…
Giro Lino
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