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Giro Recap #2
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Giro Recap #2

There are two general uses of clouds. One is what's it's called infrastructure as a service (“IaaS”), which Microsoft is an exceptional player.

Giro Recap
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Giro Recap

I write a lot of stuff, so the idea is to offer a filter to what you cannot miss. Enjoy it. The ranking is based on unique views, free/paid new subscribers, and open rate — all relative.

$NU 1Q22: The Purple Wave
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$NU 1Q22: The Purple Wave

Explore Nubank's 1Q22 performance, from net loss and loan growth to new products like NuPay and Nucripto. Understand how Nubank is shaping the financial services landscape in Latin America.

Nubank (NU) ·

Food for Thought #8

Dive into market insights and strategies focusing on tightening conditions, geopolitical impacts, and investment opportunities. Learn how to navigate the financial landscape with expert analysis.

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Dive into market insights and strategies with a focus on geopolitical impacts, commodity supply, and investment opportunities in metals and tech stocks. Understand how to navigate the current financial landscape.